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Class Descriptions and Schedule
for the 10th Summer Texas Toot

May 25 - 31, 2008


Tell Us Which Classes You Want! This online form contains the complete class schedule. Tell us which ones you are most interested in each period, and we will do our best to accommodate you! Of course, you must be registered for the Toot for us to pay any attention to your choices at all...

The regular classes offered are taught Monday - Friday: two class periods in the morning, and three periods in the afternoon (see an overview of the week's schedule for mealtimes, check-in and check-out, etc). There are also nightly activities such as madrigal singing, an ice cream social, and the Great Krummhorn Konklave, as well as a faculty concert.
Overview of the Week
Sunday, May 25
2:00 pm — on campus check-in begins
7:30 pm — Orientation, followed by large-group playing
Monday through Friday (note breaks between class times)
Breakfast (7:30-8:30 am)
Period 1 classes (8:50-10:10 am)
Period 2 classes (10:40-12 noon)
Lunch break (12 noon-1:00 pm)
Period 3 (1:00-2:15 pm) - siesta, special classes, lesson/coaching, practice, group playing opportunities
Period 4 classes (2:30-3:45 pm)
Period 5 classes (4:00-5:15 pm)
Dinner (5:30-6:30 pm)
Nightly Event (generally starting at 7:30 pm)
Saturday, May 31
Breakfast, then Free time
10:00 am — 12 noon, Student Concert
Check out by 2:00 pm, and start planning to come to the Fall Toot!

Class Preferences

Class schedule is not yet available. Check back in late April or early May; this year, each class will already be assigned to a specific period of the day to make for a less confusing selection process!

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