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44th Fall Toot - 2019

The Fall Toot 2019 is privileged to offer an outstanding faculty of both local and guest instructors for our participants. This section includes biographical information on each of the individuals or ensembles teaching at the Toot this year.

Faculty by Last Name: Faculty by Instrument:

Frances Blaker
Bruce Brogdon
Jennifer Carpenter
Carol Deihl
Shana Norton
Jan Jackson
Daniel Johnson
Susan Richter
Stephanie Raby
Frank Shirley
Mary Springfels

Recorders, Ensemble: Viols and other Bowed Strings: Lute and Harp: Reeds, Ensemble: Voice and Ensemble:

See the schedule of classes being offered at this Fall's Toot. A full description of each class can be found under the teacher's name below. The class selection form will be sent to each registered participant.

Frances Blaker bio — Recorders (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Frances Blaker will teach:

Recorder Technique - Fleet Fingers recorders upper intermediate to advanced
Playing Away from the Page - free your playing through playing by ear, memorization, improvisation recorders all levels
Music from the Mists of Time - Llibre Vermel, Perotin and Dufay recorders and voices upper intermediate to advanced
Baroque Sonata - learn about style and expression recorders upper intermediate to advanced
Music of Lassus recorders and voices intermediate

Jennifer Carpenter bio — Recorders (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Jennifer Carpenter will teach:

Technique Class: Tone Production and Intonation - Come see how to create a unified sound within an ensemble. We'll work on producing the sweetest sounds and the friendliest 3rds and 5ths as we explore a few pieces that will prove what a lovely sound a group of recorders can make! recorders all levels
Taking Shape: We'll play the traditional shape-note tune "Solitude in the Grove" followed by working on Eric Haas's wonderful Fantasia on "Solitude in the Grove" originally written for viols but now arranged for recorders! We'll see how the original shape-note tune takes a new and powerful shape in Haas's Fantasia. recorders upper intermediate to advanced
Byrd on a Wire: Bird songs written by Byrd? But of course! Come play and sing about nightingales, eagles, hawks - it's all about the birds (and the bees, and the flowers, and the trees!). recorders and voices intermediate and up
Magnify and Rejoice: Most of us know the Spanish composer Diego Ortiz through his magnificent collection Trattado de Glosas (1553) for viola da gamba. However, he also published a collection of polyphonic sacred music Musices liber primus (1565). Get to know one of his Magnificat settings and experience the sacred side of Ortiz. voices, recorders, viols intermediate and up
Music, Mystery, and Mayhem! The intrigue and enigma surrounding the deaths of select composers offers an opportunity to explore their music and the mysteries of their lives. Was it the rivalry of fellow composers? Jilted lovers? We may never know; but, we can experience the impassioned music of Alessandro Stradella and Jean-Marie LeClair and be captivated by the stories that unfold through the music of a bygone era. recorders upper intermediate to advanced

Mary Springfels bio — Viols (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Mary Springfels will teach:

O fortuna. Settings of Fortuna desperata. all instruments intermediate to upper intermediate
Cruel Amaryllis. Three treatments of the famous Guarini text by Wert, Marenzio and Monteverdi. voices and viols upper intermediate
Three tenors. Three great motets by Machaut constructed in different and novel ways. voices and instruments upper intermediate
Georg Engelmann's fanciful fantasies viols upper intermediate to advanced
Murder at the Cathedral. English motets in honor of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket. voices and instruments intermediate to upper intermediate

Shana Norton bio — Folk and World Harps (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Shana Norton will teach:

The Marvelous Miss Magdelina: Learn a pair of tunes written by Miss Magdelina Stirling of Ardoch (1765-1846). The youngest daughter of the 4th Baronet of Ardoch (Perthshire, Scotland), she wrote tunes for the popular dances of the day and in 1812 published them under her own name. We'll look at The Perthshire Reel and Ardoch House (a slow Strathspey). For all types of harps and for harpists of all levels. Other melody instruments welcome. Taught by ear and with printed music. harps, melody instruments all levels
Last Date: Are those wonderful songs from Ken Burns' County Music documentary still on your mind and in your ear? Wonder what Floyd Cramer's piano style might sound like on harp? Find out - learn his iconic piano solo, "Last Date". (Spoiler: It makes a great harp solo!) This one's just for harps, all harps and all harpists. If your harp has levers, there's a fun little lever-flip to try, but it's not vital. Taught by ear and with printed music. harps all levels
Meet the Connellan Brothers: A half a century before Turlough O'Carolan came on the scene, William and Thomas Connellan of County Sligo were the celebrated harpers/composers of the day. Explore their life and times in turbulent post-Cromwell Ireland, and learn a galliard, Lady Iveagh, written by (or at least attributed to) Thomas. For all types of harps and for harpists of all levels. Other melody instruments welcome. Taught with printed music. harps, melody instruments all levels
A Regency Era Singalong: It's a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen was not only an author, but also a musician. What music did she enjoy? She left plenty of clues. We'll learn a popular song of the day, "Thy Fatal Shafts Unerring Prove, I Bow Before Thine Altar Love." The song's lyrics, from a poem by Tobias Smollett, appear in the Austen family's music notebooks written in Jane's hand. For absolutely everyone! Bring any instruments you care to, but be ready to sing. Bonus for harpists: I'll introduce you to a fantastic set of variations that Edinburgh-born harpist/composer Sophia Dussek wrote for this tune. Sophia & Jane were born the same year, 1775. Apparently young ladies of the day knew this song! all voices, instruments all levels
Overture in Isfahan: The late Kamran Hooshmand taught me this contemplative Persian tune, written by J. Maroufi, and it is a joy to share it with others. All instruments are welcome and no microtonal pitches are necessary. all instruments all levels

Bruce Brogdon bio — Lute (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Bruce Brogdon will teach:

Harp & lute ensemble plucked strings all levels
Lute ensemble lutes all levels
Lute song (with Danny Johnson) voices, lutenists intermediate and up
Early 17th c. song (with Danny Johnson) voices, lutenists intermediate and up
Lute petting zoo anyone all levels

Jan Jackson bio — Recorders (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Jan Jackson will teach:

Early Renaissance Music from the 15th Century for Small Ensemble: This century produced a rhythmically fascinating and superbly melodic "cusp" style that was a mixture of the late Medieval and High-Renaissance-to-come recorders intermediate and up
Technique and Warm-up exercises to Make you Hot - with and without sound, and both with/without the recorder in hand. We can accomplish a lot of growth as players/ensembles by starting practice/rehearsal sessions and while driving, sitting around, folding laundry, etc. recorders all levels
Fantastic (English) Fantasias by Byrd & Holborne recorders intermediate and up
Let the Canonics Roar! Teleman Canonic Sonata alto recorders upper intermediate to advanced
Selecting, breaking in a new or long unused recorder and maintaining your wooden recorders recorders beginning to intermediate

Frank Shirley bio — Recorders (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Frank Shirley will teach:

Short and Easy Duets for Soprano and Alto Recorders: We will play duets by a young Mozart, along with duets by Landini, Daquin and others. recorders beginning and lower intermediate
Fun Arrangements for Recorders: Kick back and relax with some music to play just for fun with Light Classical Works, and maybe a Sousa march or two. The highlight this year will be "Can Can" by Offenbach. recorders intermediate and up
Singing Motets and Madrigals a capella: We'll Fa-la-la our way into a good mood and also feel the warmth of an Amen or two. (Please indicate the voice you sing at registration.) voices all levels
Music of Renaissance Composers in Italy: including Claudio Monteverdi, Giovanni Nasco and Giovanni Priuli. recorders intermediate to advanced
Music of J.S. Bach: Fugues and other treasures of counterpoint. recorders upper intermediate to advanced

Carol Deihl bio — Beginning Viols (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Carol Deihl will teach:

Beginning Viol 1: Never even touched a bowed string instrument? Or, you're a prodigy on modern strings? Somewhere in between? Come learn to play a viola da gamba! Various sizes available to try out. Guaranteed you'll be playing a famous viol tune by the end of the class! anyone beginner
Beginning Viol 2: Ah, Session 1 left you wanting more? Continue your journey on the beautiful viol. Also open to viol players who already play a bit, or who are really rusty! anyone from BV 1 beginner
Byrd Songs - Three and four part songs from "Psalmes, Songs, and Sonnets". This is Byrd's last collection of English songs, published in 1611, when Byrd was over 70 years old. From the title page: "Some solemne, others joyfull, framed to the life of the Words: Fit for Voyces or Viols". Singers are especially encouraged, so that the instrumentalists may enjoy the words! viols, voices, recorders intermediate and up.
Shakespeare Songs - Songs from theatre productions of Shakespeare in the early 1600s; arranged for voice accompanied by 3 instruments. Voice could be male or female, or both; the instruments can be viols and/or recorders. (A voice is really necessary for this set!) voices and instruments intermediate and up
Carol's Medieval Carols - 15th century carols, in 2 and/or 3 parts for voices and/or instruments (viols, recorders). Some meditative, some bright and decorated. "Carols" refers to the form, not necessarily the subject matter - but some of them are about Christmas! Somewhat rhythmically challenging until you "get" a few standard rhythms - and then what fun! voices, instruments intermediate and up.

Stephanie Raby bio — Viols (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Stephanie Raby will teach:

Violin Band: Initially used primarily as a dance instrument, the violin family began its rise to prominence in the early 17th century. By the middle of the 1600s, the violin band became fashionable thoughout continental Europe and Britain in place of the tried-and-true viol consort. So lets have our own little violin band and enjoy playing some of what the violin does best - dance tunes! Minimum 5 parts - unlimited. all bowed strings all levels
Hello Father Philips: A prolific composer of the late renaissance/ early baroque, Peter Philips was a catholic priest known for his motets, madrigals, and keyboard pieces.He wrote a number of consort pieces which we will be taking the time to explore - both his smaller 3 part settings as well as his larger works. 3 minimum players equal spread of bass to treble parts. viols, minimum of 3 all levels
At the tipping point: In this class we will be looking at some of the instrumental music of the incredibly influential composer, Giovanni Gabrieli. Gabrieli was a key transitional figure in music on the cusp of the transition between the renaissance and baroque periods. Many of his innovations in writing i.e. the addition of dynamics and basso continuo, set precedents for the writing in the baroque period. Come discover for yourself why his instrumental music is considered the culmination of intrumental writing in the renaissance. viols, violin, viola; RECORDER BY REQUEST ONLY all levels
Discovering D. Becker: A composer in the mid 17thC, Dietrich Becker was both an organist and violinist. His writing is rich and often virtuosic for the violin though no solo works for organ or violin survive. His writing is often Italianate and in my opinion his style is reminiscent of Biago Marini's suites for 3+ instruments. If that type of writing is your jam then this is the class for you! We will be working on one of his suites for 5 players - 2 violins, 3 viola da gambas, and continuo - and enjoying the lovely timbres of violins and viols together! 6 minimum: 2 trebles, 2 tenors, and 2 basses (tenor lines can be read on bass viol). viols intermediate and up
Sonatas with names: In this class we are going to look at a collection of sonatas for 4-8 instruments by late renaissance Italian composer Cesario Gussago. Written in a manner similar to Giovanni Gabrieli, each sonata has an additional title associated with it - La Fontana, La Faustinella, La Leona, etc. and, published in 1608, was one of the earliest collections to bear the title of Sonate. viols, violin, recorder, 4 minimum all levels

Susan Richter bio — Ensemble (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Susan Richter will teach:

Loud ensemble - capped and open reeds welcome. We will play a variety of 3- to 5-part music for these glorious buzzy instruments. krummhorns, cornemuses, shawms, dulcians all levels except complete beginner
Music of Matthias Mercker, a too-little-known Dutch contemporary of Dowland, Brade, Borchgrevinck, and others. He worked in the Copenhagen royal court, then held positions in numerous churches and courts in Germany. Some of us played through these a while back, and found them delightful. recorders upper intermediate (alto needs to read up)
Reading alto up; learn the basics of reading this music that is often below the staff (where it should be, relative to the soprano!), how to determine what parts can/should be played "alto up", and tips on how to practice playing there. Necessary for reading a lot of Renaissance music that is for unspecified instruments (not arranged specifically for recorders). F recorders all levels
Beginning recorder. by request by request

Daniel Johnson bio — Voice and Ensemble (back to top)

At the Fall Toot this year, Danny Johnson will teach:

Lute song (with Bruce Brogdon) voices, lutenists intermediate and up
Early 17th c. song (with Bruce Brogdon) voices, lutenists intermediate and up

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